Marshall Expedition photos available from

Cut Ribs
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Assemble Ribs
(Crews Camera)

Ribs on the Jig

Stem Boards

Cap Rail Cuts

Cap Rail nailed up

King Plank and Cap Rails

Nose Cones

Nose Cones complete


Oakum – Flipping – Crows – Feet

Up-River Practice

West Va – Advance Trip

First Day

Second Day

Cartersville to Seven Islands

Scottsville – Evening Visit with the crew.
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Departing Scottsville
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Hatton’s and Warren’s Ferry
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Arrive in Howardsville
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Scottsville to Wingina
(Crew’s Camera)

Wingina to Lynchburg
(Crew’s Camera)

Monacan Bridge
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Arriving at the Low Grounds near Lynchburg
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Low Grounds to Old RR Bridge at Percival’s Island near Lynchburg
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Arrive in Lynchburg and eat with family and friends.
(Photos by Holt Messerly)

Day Before Balcony
(Crew’s Camera)

Balcony 1
(Crew’s Camera)

Balcony 2
(Crew’s Camera)

Glascow to Buchannon
(Crew’s Camera)

Buchannon to Gwynn’s Lock
(Crew’s Camera)

Gwynn’s Lock to Covington, VA
(No photos available)

The Expedition traveled over the mountains from Covington, VA to the Greenbriar River in WV to continue the trip. Now the crew started heading down-river. All the days from Watkin’s Landing on the James River in VA was UP-River all the way to Covington, VA, with the exception of the sections between Scotts Mill ┬áDam in Lynchburg and the dam at Snowden on the James (below Balcony Falls).
From here on down the photos are in West Virginia, Starting on the Greenbriar:

Greenbriar River – Day 1
(Crew’s Camera)

Greenbriar River – Day 2 – Talcott to Bacon Falls
(Crew’s Camera)

Greenbriar River – Day 3
(Crew’s Camera)

Greenbriar River – Day 4 – Last Day on Greenbriar
(Crew’s Camera)

New River – Day 1
(Crew’s Camera)

New River Gorge – 1
(Crew’s Camera and WV Photographer’s Camera)

New River Gorge – 2
(WV Photographer’s Camera)

New River Gorge – 3
(WV Photographer’s Camera)

Kathy Dalton’s Christmas Open House 2014 a huge success!

Kathy Dalton’s home and cabin near Gretna, Virginia was decorated for Christmas on Sunday December 7th, 2014 and was absolutely beautiful! Santa Claus was in attendance and children of all ages sat in his lap. A wide variety of Christmas themed refreshments was enjoyed by all. Inside the cabin, the wood stove was going and while sipping on hot apple cider sitting in the rocking chair I thought I was in another place and time. What a wonderful night. Thank you Kathy Dalton!

New London Day 2013 at the old Church with Delores Nash Hicks

Mrs. Delores Nash Hicks

New London Day 2013 in the old village of New London, in Campbell County, Virginia was easy going this year.

Some gospel musicians sang on the back porch of the old Meades Tavern while several people dug for artifacts in the side of the yard.

Just down the street a short block east was my friend Delores Nash Hicks at the old church that she promotes african american history by telling about the days of her youth and showing various artifacts. Delores is quite a character and a wonderful person. It was quite fun to stay and visit with her. Later in the afternoon, her son and grandchildren came by to visit. I got Delores to sing and the grandchildren joined in with a spirit-filled rendition of “Down By The Riverside”. For a few minutes there was life back within the old church walls. I hope to get a copy of the cell phone video her son made of this singing so I can post here!


Bill Messerly’s 80th Birthday Party – Camping Out

This post is to remind us of the good times my Father had camping out in 2012. Bill Messerly was 82 years old and he passed away on November 18th 2014 with his sons and wife of 56 years and some of his “Scout Buddies” by his side. He will be greatly missed. Holt


Mr. Bill Messerly turned 80 years old this week and on Saturday a group of old Boy Scout troop 819 leaders camped out at a private location by a mountain stream in Amherst County, Virginia. Mr. Dave Long, aka “The Preacher” and Joe Dorton the chef, Pete Burke, the Wine Expert, Joseph Dorton, Kieth the fraternity music leader, Holt and Allen Messerly with Holt’s English Setter Dog named Jake. Jake ran around so fast and over the stream, up the hillsides and all over and back! Dinner was outstanding, Chef Joe outdid himself again with Venison, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Corn on the Cobb and Rolls. A candlelit dinner with only the finest plastic ware on picnic tables between a roaring fire and a nice outhouse building just down-hill.

A wonderful evening of merry enjoyment over dinner and dessert were had by all.

Happy Birthday to our Father. From Holt and Allen Messerly and Jake (white dog)