New London Day – October 21st, 2017, New London, Virginia.

The 2017 New London day was nice with students from Liberty University’s History Department in period clothing at Mead’s Tavern. They told of the history while in the back room there was a group of the Mead family gathered.

The nearby church had several historical groups represented from The Virginia Canal’s & Navigations Society, with Dr. Bill Trout in attendance, Historical Sandusky, a Civil War historical group and others explained history to the public. 

Just down the road, Delores Nash Hicks held a brush arbor service with a man singing an old hymn very well. Delores led the group from the brush arbor inside the old African church that she attended as a young girl.  

This event went well and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

Holt Messerly

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    Campbell County Heritage Festival – October 7th, 2017

    The 2017 Campbell County Heritage Festival was real nice. Located at the Community Park beside William Campbell High School. There were many nice exhibits and musicians. The Lyn Dan Heights Ruritan Club had awesome burgers again this year, cooked by the world famous outdoor cooker, Mr. Donald Floyd! 

    A demonstration of some sheep being rounded up by a chocolate brown Boarder Collie by his trainer was really awesome. 

    One man sang Elvis songs and it was really moving to hear him sing. The bluegrass band that played after him was outstanding as well. 

    This was a nice day in Campbell County, Virginia, and the event was Great Again!


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