New London Day 2013 at the old Church with Delores Nash Hicks

Mrs. Delores Nash Hicks

New London Day 2013 in the old village of New London, in Campbell County, Virginia was easy going this year.

Some gospel musicians sang on the back porch of the old Meades Tavern while several people dug for artifacts in the side of the yard.

Just down the street a short block east was my friend Delores Nash Hicks at the old church that she promotes african american history by telling about the days of her youth and showing various artifacts. Delores is quite a character and a wonderful person. It was quite fun to stay and visit with her. Later in the afternoon, her son and grandchildren came by to visit. I got Delores to sing and the grandchildren joined in with a spirit-filled rendition of “Down By The Riverside”. For a few minutes there was life back within the old church walls. I hope to get a copy of the cell phone video her son made of this singing so I can post here!