Crossing of the Dan – The Prizery, South Boston, VA, February 13, 2016

The Crossing of the Dan River event in South Boston, VA, Saturday, February 13th, 2016 was very nice. The weather was cold and windy but clear and nice. The river was too muddy from recent rains to have any events there. However, Mr. Emmett Abernathy, a long time VC&NS/ James River Batteau Festival participant, sat with the ferry boat he and others built a few years ago to cross the Dan for reenactments such as this. Just up the hill were several tents and re-enactors with the Guilford Militia doing a Revolutionary War encampment while dressed in period costumes and a nice warm cooking fire going.

Inside the Prizery, a wonderful building with a nice theatre and gallery spaces, it was nice and warm. The many participants with the JR ROTC and various daughters and sons of a bunch of groups gathered and made ready for the presentations.

Up one floor via a nice elevator is the “Crossing of the Dan” museum with many wonderful displays, all very very nice. Quite a  beautiful gallery space. Really very awesome.

The local officials and participants introduced the various attendees and the main speaker was a nice lady who had a book for sale after the event. She spoke about history and was very good. Then the flags and soldiers in their outfits came in and performed. Eventually everyone gathered outside for a nice march down to the park near the river.

A nice hot Brunswick stew was for sale inside afterwards with some nice homemade cookies. I donated a copy of the revised Dan River Atlas, 2016 to the Halifax Historical Society and the ladies were very excited to receive the gift from the VC&NS.

What a nice place to sit back and enjoy the meal after the event. I was very impressed by the Prizery location and the many groups in attendance. I’ll try and go back and add names, but wanted to get photos online quickly.

Holt Messerly
VC&NS Trustee

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