James River Batteau Festival – 2015 – Seven Islands Rapid

The following is a listing of the individual galleries of photos taken by Holt Messerly waiting at the bottom of Seven Islands Rapid during the 2015 James River Batteau Festival. This rapid is down-river from Scottsville, below the Hardware River, and up-river from Slate River.

Batteau “Seven Islands”

Batteau “Alvin Eugene”

Batteau “Anthony Rucker”

Batteau “Buckingham”

Batteau “Clifton Lee” and the Batteau “Rockfish Runner”

Batteau “Lizzie Langley”

Batteau “Maple Run”

Batteau “Margaret Stephens”

Batteau “Mary Marshall”

Batteau “Morning Dew”

Batteau “Rivertime”

Batteau “Rocky Creek Wildfire”

Batteau “Rosa Lee”

Batteau “Rose of Nelson”

Scenery from the Seven Island Rapid

Batteau “Sedalia Endeavor”

Batteau “Slate River”

Batteau “Spirit of the James”

Batteau “Thomas Jefferson”

Batteau “Virginia Creeper” with Mason Basten as Captain