New London Day – October 27th, 2018

The day started out a little wet from the rains the day before while the sun was shining and it was a great day in New London!

Delores Nash Hicks spoke about local African American history and led some prayers beside the steps to the old  church on Alumn Springs Road. Inside, three relatives did a praise  dance to music. 

Across from Meades Tavern several old cars were on display. Behind the Dr’s. Office were some beautiful animals. A blacksmith was in the front yard. Bluegrass musicians played next door. Tours of Meade’s Tavern were being given by Liberty University students.

At the old Alumn Springs Hotel, musicians from Liberty University played on the front steps. Touring inside the historic building was very awesome. The old woodwork and many features make this a wonderful thing that Liberty did by buying this property and preserving a great piece of history.

Enjoy the photos. I look forward to next year. 
Holt Messerly, New London, Virginia